Thursday, August 27, 2015

Ashes to Ashes: Why Cremation Has Become the Rite of Choice for Many

In the past when a person would pass away, the most common option for disposition was for them to be buried in a cemetery. Cremation, however, has become an increasingly popular option in today’s world. The Cremation Association of America says that cremation was practiced at an average of 3.56% in 1960, but that figure has risen to 40.62% in the year 2010. While cremation used to be somewhat taboo in the past, its growing popularity shows that more and more people are recognizing its many benefits. What Happens Funeral homes that offer cremation services, like Usher Funeral Home in Indianapolis, often have dedicated crematoriums where the rite is performed. In Indiana, there’s a 48-hour waiting time after death before a person can be cremated. This gives the funeral home time to file the death certificate and necessary permits.

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